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From: Jack Santoro
Subject: Exploring, Part 1, Adult Friends, 1/?Exploring, Part 1
By It was a quiet summer evening when I parked my car in
Chris's driveway and rang the bell. The sun was not
quite down and in the half-light I saw a solitary bird
spring up from a tree and disappear over the roof.
The door opened and I saw cgiworld dreamwiz com lolitas only a hand beckoning me
in. I guessed that Chris didn't want to show himself
fully because he was already naked. I was right. As he
closed the door behind me I saw that he had a strip of
tape around the end of his prick, making the skin
bunch up in a tight pucker.
"I'm glad to see you're still at it," I said. "Keep
taping and you'll have a full foreskin one of these
days." As I spoke I shed my clothing, which wasn't
hard because all I was wearing in this hot climate was
a shirt, slacks, boxer shorts, socks, and shoes. I was
naked in about 30 seconds.
"C'mon out back and have a drink," he urged, and I
followed him into the kitchen, where he withdrew a
couple of beers from the refrigerator. He cgiworld dreamwiz com lolitas then opened
the door to the back yard and we took our places in a
couple of lounge chairs next to each other. The fence
was high enough to block the view of any nosy
neighbors. The beer tasted good, especially because it
was very cold. That was one taste we shared; ice-cold
beer. We weren't in a hurry for sex, so we just talked
for awhile:
"I'm gonna keep at it until I have russian lolita free as much skin on my
cock as you do," Chris said.
"Just think," I mused, "none of this would have been
necessary if we hadn't been cut in the first place."
Both of us had been circumcised at birth and I'd had
plastic surgery to restore my foreskin several years
previously. Chris was restoring by stretching his
shaft skin to form a new hood.
"Are you pissed about the doctor cutting you?" he
"Absolutely I'm pissed," I answered, a sharp edge to
my voice.
"So am I," he said. "I've often thought of doing
something to the doctor who cut me, but he's probably
dead by now. After all, I'm in my 40s."
"I've often had the same thoughts," I added. "You
know I'm in my 50s, and I'm sure the doctor who
butchered me is dead."
"I'm going to tell you something I don't want you to
repeat," Chris said, a very serious look on his face.
"You'll understand why when I tell you." He reached
over and grasped the end of my long thick foreskin as
he spoke.
"Go ahead," I said. "I can keep a confidence." I felt
my prick stirring as he kneaded my foreskin, rolling
it between thumb and forefinger and producing a gentle
friction against the glans.
"I guess I just can't keep my hands off your cock,"
he said as he let go. "I've got a cousin, Jerry, and
Jerry has a wife and son, Eric, who just turned 18
last month. Jerry isn't cut, and he didn't want his
son cut. Jerry's wife knew this, but a few hours after
Eric was born the doctor told her that he had to be
circumcised immediately because his foreskin was so
tight he couldn't pass his urine." I had an uneasy
feeling where this was going, and I nodded to Chris to
"Jerry wasn't there at the moment because he'd gone
to get a bite to eat, and his wife signed the consent
form. The nurse took the baby away and when Jerry came
back his wife told him what had happened. Right then
the nurse brought little Eric back in and Jerry peeled
off his diaper and saw that his little pee-pee was
wrapped in a bandage. He blew up and went to confront
the doctor. The doctor told him that his wife had
signed the form, and the next day when Jerry went to
his lawyer the lawyer told him there was nothing he
could do because there was a piece of paper that made
it legal."
"That's pretty shitty," I commented. "I've heard of
doctor using little tricks like that to get parents to
sign the consent form. That happened to a friend of
"Well, when Eric was old enough to understand, his
parents explained to him what had happened, and that
it wasn't their fault he wasn't intact like his old
man. Jerry and his wife had another son, and this time
they chose a different doctor and a different
hospital, and nothing happened. Little Jim came home
with everything he'd been born with, and this only
made Eric feel worse."
"That's quite a burden to carry," I said.
"Eric carried it for almost 18 years, and then he did
something that surprised me. The doctor who had cut
him was still in practice, and Eric found out where he
was working. He waited for him in the parking lot of
his office one evening, and when he came out he
clobbered him with a piece of rebar. He almost broke
his neck, and while the doctor was on the ground he
slammed the rebar into his hands, breaking every bone,
to make sure he'd never circumcise another baby."
"I think Eric did the right thing, but did he get
away with it?" I asked.
"That's the really good part," Chris said. "There
were no witnesses, and Eric was careful not to do
anything stupid, such as dropping his wallet or
leaving muddy footprints, and the police never even
questioned him. Anyway, the motive's 18 years old. To
the cops, it's just another unsolved crime."
"I'm really glad Eric got away with it," I said.
"That doctor won't be chopping on any more little
kids' pricks." I reached for Chris's penis, where I
found that the tape had begun to loosen. I squeezed
the mushroom shaped glans through the taut covering
skin and felt it throb in response.
"That feels good," he said as I continued to squeeze
and his hand crept into my lap to resume tweaking the
end of my foreskin.
"Good thing that Micropore tape you use comes off
easily," I observed as his prick expanded to its full
six inches and the tape snapped off the covering skin,
releasing the glans to pop out. Mine was now fully
erect as well.
"You've got enough skin to keep that helmet covered,
even when you're all hard," Chris observed. "I want to
have as much skin as you."
"That gives me some nice long strokes when I jack my
prick," I said. As I spoke, Chris clamped his fingers
around my foreskin-covered glans and began easing the
hood back.
"Last time we gave each other direct action on the
head," he said. "This time I want to loli bbs russian fake jack you the
natural way, with your skin. I really get a thrill
stroking your long thick skin." His fingers slid my
foreskin back slowly, gradually baring my glans, and I
sighed in delight while stroking his truncated
foreskin halfway up and down his mushroom-shaped head. "I can only get your foreskin part way up, but in a
few months it'll be looser and I'll be able to give
you the long strokes you want," I said. With each
down-stroke I saw that his rim was glossy, unlike the
front of his glans, which still had the leathery
texture of the circumcised model.
"With your long skin, I bet you could dock me," he
said. "I've never been docked, but I've heard a lot
about it and I'd like to try it."
"Docking's not quite like some people say," I told
him. "If a guy's got a really long foreskin and his
partner's got a small head, there's no problem. Both
of us have big heads on our pricks, and there's no way
both can fit inside my hood."
"Oh, that's too bad," he said. "I'd had my heart set
on docking inside you tonight."
"I think there's a way to do it. Right now, both our
tips are swollen hard. If you make me come first, my
glans will shrink, and then there should be enough
room for yours inside my hood."
"Oh, yeah, I'd love that," he said, pumping my prick
faster. "I'll get to watch you shoot and then I'll be
able to shoot inside your skin too." The rapid
stroking produced a mild tickle in my tip that began
to intensify as my excitement built.
"Go ahead, do me," I urged. "I really enjoy it when
another guy gives me a hand job."
"You're really primed and ready," he said as he
continued to stroke my long thick foreskin over my
swollen helmet. "Your tip's already getting darker."
"I was thinking about this while I was driving over
here," I explained. "I was half-hard most of the way."
The insistent rhythm of his fingers on my foreskin was
having its effect, and although I tried to relax, I
felt my crotch muscles tightening in regular spasms.
"Your eyes just closed," he commented. "Now I know
you're close." His fingers stroked me faster, sending
me down the one-way road, and I found my world closing
in on me as the delicious sensations increased. All my
attention was focused on my prick and the erotic
feelings he was generating in it.
"I like the way the lips of your slit pout when
you're hard," he said. "Now there's a drop of lube
between lolita boys photo gallery
"I feel a tingling in my rim..." I trailed off. These
were the last words I spoke because now I was totally
captivated by the intense sensations in my prick, and
I knew that within seconds I'd be blasting off into
"Go for it, Jack," he said as his fingers stroked my
foreskin hard, pulling it back all the way to bare the
helmet completely, and then stroking hard to bump it
against my corona before it slid over it and began the
long downhill travel to engulf my glans again. My
breathing was ragged and I began grunting with each
My mind was blank except for my awareness of the
intense feelings in my prick. My rim was tingling, and
then the hot tingle spread all over my glans, an
instant before they exploded.
"Hunh! Hunh! Hunh!" I grunted as my world went
white-hot, a massive spasm gripping my crotch muscles
and sending the first torrent of hot lava up my tube.
Another contraction gripped me as the second jet of
fiery fluid burned its way up my urethra. I heard
myself crying out in the distance as another load of
hot cream shot up my prick and erupted from the tip. A
fourth jet shot out, and then the main orgasm
subsided, leaving me with minor contractions that kept
a thin stream of cream seeping from my orifice.
I felt Chris pull my foreskin forward to cover my tip
as my orgasm faded, because he knew that my already
sensitive glans became super-sensitive after orgasm,
and the slightest touch would cause me distress. I was
breathless for a minute, recovering from the
convulsions of my orgasm as the core of my prick
shrank inside its long hood. When I opened my eyes I
saw that Chris's bare-headed prick was as hard as
ever, the swollen rim a darker shade of purple than
the body of his glans. I rolled toward him.
"Come on, move closer young girls lolita mpeg to me," I urged. The lounge
chairs did not have side rails and Chris rolled to his
left to face me. His prick pointed at a spot above my
pubic hair, and I eased it down to point right at my
limp penis.
"Let's leave your skin back for this," I added. "I've
got the length necessary to dock your mushroom now." I
grasped the end of my long pendulous foreskin with
thumb and forefinger of each hand, spreading the
"Just ease it in," I instructed him. I saw and felt
the bulk of his hot hard mushroom filling my foreskin,
until it was covered to the corona.
"I'm touching your tip with mine," he said. "I can
feel it."
"Okay, Chris, that means you're docked," I said. "Now
I'll hold my foreskin clamped right behind your ridge
and start stroking your tip with my hood." I began
gentle stroking motions, sliding my foreskin back and
forth over his swollen glans.
"We won`t be able to see me shoot," he commented.
"No, but we'll see your juice filling my foreskin.
It's really going to balloon out with all the cream
you shoot." I felt his mushroom tip pressing
rhythmically against my shrunken helmet as he matched
my strokes. As I pushed forward on my foreskin, Chris
thrust inside it.
"I'm making lollitas model picture gallery sure to press in around your rim," I
said. "I know that's your most sensitive area." My
clamping fingers squeezed his corona gently through my
thick hood.
"I can feel it, Jack. You're doing lolita top 100 preteen it just right for
me." I increased my pace slightly, and felt him thrust
harder in response.
"I can't see it, but I think your tip's getting
darker now, Chris. You're close. I can feel your
mushroom's more swollen than before, and it feels a
little harder, too."
"I am, Jack, I am. Your skin's such a turn-on for me,
especially wrapped around my head." I saw the muscles
in his jaw tense as his excitement mounted rapidly.
"Want to take a break, or come now?" I asked. I felt
his urgency as his legs pressed against mine and his
prick thrust deeper into my long thick hood.
"I need to come, Jack. I can't wait. I really need to
blow my cream."
"Then go ahead, Chris, russian lolitas models sexy right now." I tightened my
grip encircling his corona, compressing the nerve
endings, and I felt him shudder. His mouth opened
wide, gasping for air, as his entire body tensed.
"Here I go..." he said and began grunting hard as his
sensations peaked. His prick throbbed hard between my
tightly encircling fingers and I felt a hot torrent
pour from his long slit. We were both looking down at
our joined pricks, and we both saw the influx of cream
begin to distend my foreskin.
I was clamping it tightly at his corona, to keep his
glans engulfed and prevent any leakage of cream. The
rest of my foreskin swelled with the pressure as he
shot another long jet into my hood. I felt the thick
viscous fluid swirling inside my foreskin and around
my corona, filling the deep groove behind it.
Chris cried out helplessly as another convulsion
gripped his groin muscles, sending another hot blast
of juice to further distend my foreskin. His face was
contorted with the mindless fury of his orgasm, and I
knew that his entire world was centered in cgiworld dreamwiz com lolitas his
throbbing, ejaculating prick.
Now he'd stopped thrusting but his prick was still
throbbing between my fingers as I stopped stroking my
foreskin over his glans. I knew he'd be getting
hyper-sensitive any second, and I kept still as his
prick, still throbbing weakly, drained itself into my
thick fleshy hood.
We lolita boys photo gallery
lay together for a couple of minutes as the
after-shock of his orgasm hit him and he sank into a
daze as I'd had only minutes before. I felt his prick
soften and I carefully let go of my foreskin, which
remained covering his precious head. I saw a thick
drool of cream leaking out from the edge of my
foreskin, lolita nymphets top site
falling onto the plastic chair cushion
between us.
"That was the hottest orgasm in my life," was the
first thing he said. "I'll always remember the first
time I came, but I don't think it was any hotter than
this, and this one lasted a lot longer."
"I know what you mean, Chris. I had my first orgasm
when I was 12, and I saw stars before my eyes. It was
so intense it was frightening, especially since I'd
never had such sensations before. Now, my orgasms last
longer because I have a lot more juice." Chris moved
closer to me now that his prick had gone limp, hugging
me tightly.
"Thanks so much, Jack," he said as he kissed me on
the lips. "I'd waited so long for this."
"You'll have to wait a little longer before you have
enough foreskin to dock me," I said. "Now that you've
experienced it, I'm sure you'll have the patience to
stick it out."Continued in Part 2
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